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We partner with world leading brands from studios in New York, Malmö and London. We do client service work, launch our own products and invest in joint venture partnerships. Retaining the best design and engineering talent in the industry, we give back by sharing rewards and creating opportunity for all.

Our work

Monument Valley

Explore fantastical architecture and impossible geometry by guiding the silent Princess Ida through mysterious monuments, hidden paths, optical illusions and the Crow People.

Whale Trail

A psychedelic, surreal and charming flying game where players take to the skies, loop the loop, collect power ups, smash enemies, discover new lands and make friends along the way.

Tesco Hudl

We designed the user experience for the new 7-inch Hudl tablet from Tesco, focusing on first time use, iconography, widget design, wallpapers, sounds and ‘Getting Started’ guide.

Sony's media apps

We worked with Sony Mobile to produce an animation designed to help promote Sony´s media applications for Xperia™ and showcase the levels of functionality available to all users.

Our Clients
Our Thoughts

iPhone 6 & Apple Pay – a Game Changer?

A look at the new possibilities for contactless payments following the adoption of NFC technology on the iPhone 6, and the release of Apple Pay.