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Our Diversity Data

By Whitney Berry - 7 December 2016

We’re taking steps to build a more diverse company, and one of these steps is being open and transparent about the people who, together, make up ustwo.

In this spirit, we are sharing our Diversity Dashboard, built using an open source tool created by Buffer. If you’ve got questions – let us know at hello@ustwo.com!

It’s important to note that, due to Swedish data storage and privacy protection law, our Nordic studio isn’t included in our dashboard.

Diversity Data at ustwo

We believe that diverse teams make better products, and we are committed to doing our part to change our industry by encouraging diversity.

While we’ve been working towards internal diversity goals at different levels for a long time, we’re excited to share that we’ve also been collating company-wide diversity data. This is something we have never previously tracked in an organised way and, as promised, we are now making this data public.

By sharing this information we feel we’re taking a step forward towards transparency, and showing our commitment and awareness that there’s work to do to make these metrics reflect our clients and customers.

As we’ve previously discussed on our blog, we’ve made some significant improvements to our diversity and inclusion efforts, but without any further ado, here it is – our company’s data. It’s not exactly what we’d like to see, but awareness is the first step to making the changes that would reflect a diverse workforce.

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