8 March 6:30pm9:00pm

ustwoTALKIES: Designing for Sustainability


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This ustwoTALKIES is an evening event to highlight and discuss sustainability issues for designers.

We’ve brought together some of the leading minds in digital design to talk about the importance of considering environmental, cultural and societal impact when creating products. How should designers take into account the fact that our world has finite resources? Should designers challenge briefs that are not ecologically favourable? And if they don’t, are they part of the problem? If we’re talking physical products, should it be more recyclable? Use fewer materials? Be less toxic? And if we are talking digital design, should it encourage more sustainable habits?

We’ll have talks from Alex Crowfoot and Joe Macleod before an exciting, thought-provoking discussion led by Aran Dasan between practitioners at the cutting edge of tech and sustainability – covering opportunities and pitfalls as well as local and global viewpoints. Expect healthy debate, opinions you don’t necessarily agree with and anecdotes from the field.

Join us to explore the messy intersection between our digital world and the environment… and what this means for designers.

This event is free.

Drinks will be provided.

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