ustwo hangover brunch

6 September 10:00am1:00pm

ustwo Hangover Brunch


Every year, Media Evolution hosts The Conference, an event that explores complexity and innovation in the digital world. The conference attracts 1500 participants and features approximately 30 international speakers. It also includes side events like masterclasses and seminars that are hosted by other organizations around Malmö. 

As one would expect, The Conference involves a few late night festivities, sometimes leaving participants a little bit haggard. ustwo has taken part in the conference in various capacities over the years. Perhaps most notably, though, we host The Hangover Brunch, which takes place the day after the closing party. The goal? Nurturing The Conference survivors back to life with food, Bloody Marys, and collaborative creativity.

Previously we have spiced up our Hangover Brunches with collaborative workshops on going from analog to digital. This year, we asked our hungover guests to turn it around and make digital into analog in a very hands-on way. They used Play-Doh to recreate and improve their favorite apps, and did some agile iterations to make them greener. Hangovers can be a driver for alternative creativity, and it really showed in the results we saw. Mostly though, we saw a lot of smiles from the participants, many of whom said they hadn’t touched Play-Doh in decades. 


We’re definitely looking forward to our next Hangover Brunch, and we hope you’ll join us!