5 October 5:00pm10:00pm

It’s Great To Create

New York

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A Mini Conference Curated By Jon Burgerman

Join us for the first ever It’s Great To Create event: An inspirational and fun evening featuring a host of funny, insightful, smart (and available) speakers.

The talks will centre around creativity. What is creativity? Where can we find it? What do we do with it once we’ve got it? What does creativity taste like? What good can it do? Can creativity make me more attractive?

The speakers are from a range of creative disciplines including art, doodling, marketing, PR, story telling, animation and design.

The event is curated by artist Jon Burgerman who, after speaking at countless festivals and events around the world, thought he’d like to have a go putting on an event he’d actually like to go to. This event will start with beer and pizza and will be hosted by ustwo at their wonderful Financial District studios.

There will be easy creative games for you to participate in (if you like) and maybe music to dance to at the end of the day if everyone’s had a good time (which we’re sure they will).

It’s Great To Create is also the name of Jon Burgerman’s new book, published on August 1 2017 by Chronicle Books. It features over 100 creative prompts to get you creating and having fun. There will be copies to purchase and have signed at the event.