23 March 6:30pm9:00pm

Learnerbly Event: Education Can Change The Future Of Work


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Join fellow innovators, designers, entrepreneurs, strategists, and product managers from places like IKEA, Wolff Olins, Facebook and our very own ustwo on how we can change the world through education. 

This meet up will focus on the future of work. 

We’ll look at the role education can play in equipping our workforce with the right skills — and ultimately, a fairer society.


Here’s the agenda:

6:30-7:00pm: Networking 

7:00-7:45pm: Talkytime!

7:45-9:00pm: Discussion & Brainstorming  


We’ll explore these themes:

Fast-changing job market necessitates life-long learning.
By 2025, half of the jobs won’t exist. 

Automation of work.
McKinsey research suggests that as many as 45% of the activities individuals are paid to perform can be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies. 

Growing skill mismatches.
In 2011, when US unemployment exceeded 9 percent, a survey found that 30% of US companies had positions open for more than six months that they could not fill.

Whether you’re interested in coming along. We recommend you have a read of this article/ enjoy this TED talk on the subject!

Future of Work in Advanced Economies

What will Future Jobs Look Like?

This meet up will be facilitated by Melissa Andrada, the Chief Operations Officer of Learnerbly, a company that’s all about helping people be their best selves at work. Melissa loves to learn and help others learn. When she’s not at Learnerbly, she can be found teaching people how to find their job at General Assembly, and organising leadership journeys for creative leaders at Qlue.





Julyan Davey is an education enthusiast who’s fascinated by methods of effective learning. He taught himself programming to get a job in the startup world and learnt Spanish backpacking in South America. He now applies his skills working for NearSt, a startup helping to get people back into the high street by turning shops into mini tech startups. He also writes about philosophy, learning and technology for various websites and on his blog. And is a cycling and hip hop addict!

Julyan will present three big coming technological changes and examine how they will have a huge impact on the future of work. He will challenge us to adapt on every level. As individuals we need to become lifelong learners. Our organisations need to embrace creativity as their core value. And our societies need to become more resilient and better at educating young people for a life of creativity and change.