30 January 6:30pm9:30pm

PRODDUCT Meet Up – Connected Cars


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PRODDUCT Stands for: Product Design/Development, UX, Content, Talking (Startups) 

This club is about dedicated Product Managers, Designers, Developers meeting together once a month, in startup offices, or better places, to discuss intelligent ways of producing results. 

On this occasion, we are hosting a fireside chat between PRODDUCT and our Head of ustwo Auto & Principal of Design, Tim Smith. 

Tim Smith

Tim co-authored an automotive white paper which takes a deep look at how best to design for digital experiences and user behavior within the automobile. Since then, Tim has gone on to work on a number of innovative human-machine interaction projects with major car manufacturers and was invited to Apple; meeting with Jony Ive and his special projects team to discuss the future of human-machine interfaces within the automotive space.