20 September 6:30pm6:30pm

Sanctus Stories Live


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Changing the perception of mental health. Through sharing stories.

 Join the Sanctus Community for a unique evening of inspiring stories from people who are open about their personal story of how they’ve worked with their mental health, to become the best versions of themselves.

This event will have energy like no other; will incite curiosity and leave you feeling inspired.



The event will be facilitated by Sanctus’ own George and Sophie, with an opportunity to connect with others in between the stories and the evening will conclude with an opportunity to mingle and chat with the Sanctus team and community.

George Bettany (Host) – George is the co-founder of Sanctus. He’s on a mission with James and the rest of the Sanctus team to change the perception of mental health and put the first mental fitness gym on the high street.

Sophie Miller (Host) – Sophie is a Sanctus Coach. She loves creating space for people to show up, open up and be real whether that’s in a group workshop or in 1:1 coaching.

Lorna Bladen (Speaker) – After experiencing severe anxiety and depression in 2016, Lorna is dedicated to sharing her learnings and how that experience made her an ‘accidental entrepreneur’, having set up her own consultancy last year.

Michelle Gorton (Speaker) – Three years on after suffering psychosis in her third year of university in 2014, Michelle will share her story of how she’s shifted her own perception of mental health to actively managing her mind they same way she would her body, the warning signs to look out for and draws on Guy Winch’s Ted Talk and theory of ’emotional first aid’ to share how important she believes this is.

James Routledge (Speaker) – What happens when you talk openly about your mental health for a year? What happens when you do regular work on your mental health, even when you’re feeling good? James shares his reflections of one year of treating his mental fitness like physical fitness; what’s he learned about himself, life and his own mental health.

Open Mic / Q&A – There will be an an open mic slot for anyone in the audience who feels inspired to share their own story or if anyone would like to ask any questions.

Disclaimer: Parts of this event will be live streamed on Sanctus’ Facebook and Instagram accounts and photos will be taken in the room.