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22 February 6:30pm9:00pm

Yo Illo Talks: Going Viral


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Inspirational Illustration Talks

Yo Illo are proud to announce details of the latest event in their ongoing series of inspiring talks. The theme of this talk is Going Viral.

At some point, nearly every illustrator has taken a job, probably underpaid, with the hopes of gaining exposure. Probably most illustrators have lived to regret it. For some, the word “exposure” actually acts as an alarm bell, sounding a warning that the client probably wants the work for free.

But, from time-to-time, a job will come along that does offer the right kind of exposure. The project gets picked up by a blog… And then another one… And another… It’s retweeted thousands of times… It’s gone viral!

This February, Yo Illo have invited two speakers whose work went viral. they have asked them to talk about how it came about, what they did to embrace it and how the exposure has affected their work and their practice.

This free event is open to all illustrators — whether you’re a professional, a student or keen enthusiast — as well as art directors, designers, fine artists, typographers, textile designers or anyone who wants to get more involved in the illustration scene. They’re a friendly bunch, and always love meeting new people, so feel free to come along — even if you’re by yourself and you don’t know anybody, They’ll make you feel welcome!


Yo Illo are delighted to be hosting two speakers, whose different styles and approaches allow us to understand different aspects of crafts in illustration and to inspire illustrators to develop their own practice.

Jenni Sparks

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Jenni Sparks is an illustrator, designer, map maker, hand-letterer and party animal. Originally from a small seaside town in South West England, but now based in London, she’s living the dream of being able to colour stuff in for a living while listening to techno all day.

Stanley Chow


Stanley Chow was born and raised in Manchester, England, where he currently resides. He began his career in 1997, mainly as a fashion illustrator and storyboard artist, but when his father bought him a computer, he moved away from drawing and painting and started creating vector-based work. Stanley has become one of the most established artists in the UK, working with an incredible list of clients.