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ustwo hangover brunch

ustwo Hangover Brunch

6 September 2017

And we’re back! Happy to host the 3rd annual ustwo Hangover Brunch during The Conference.

ustwoTALKIES: What I Wish I’d Known II

7 February 2017

On February 7, we got into the nitty gritty of entrepreneurship, with a panel of industry leaders serving up no-holds-barred advice for founders past, present and future.

One venture capitalist, two seasoned founders, an early stage founder and the head of a co-working space – we gathered a panel that represented the entire startup lifecycle, and boy did their discussion reflect a broad spectrum of experience. We dug into it all, from the importance of product, to approaching fundraising, who makes a successful founder and other big questions.

#AngstFest – Misery Loves Company

16 January 2017

Rainy, cold and dark. It well and truly felt like Blue Monday outside, but inside the ustwo studio #AngstFest was under way and the atmosphere felt warm and inviting. The mood was set with vibrant cocktails (alcohol-free of course), top-notch Moodnotes swag and a crowd of people ready to share and celebrate the diversity of their mental health experiences – or, as compère Laura Jane Williams put it, ‘the rainbow of mental health’.

The evening was about making the audience feel less alone, providing anecdotal advice and encouraging more informal conversations about wellbeing.

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