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Transforming a mobile booking product and setting the direction for an entire business offering
laterooms app

Online travel agent pioneer LateRooms brought us the problem of a one star app with low usage and conversion rates. The ambition was to step change the mobile product, and set the direction for their entire offering – from user experience to brand, and to the underlying proposition.

Mobile offered the opportunity at the most fundamental level to simplify the customer experience. This mission was grounded in working out how to help users navigate thousands of hotel choices to arrive at the room they are happy with, with an ultra-easy booking process. As the name of the company suggests, their customers are short on time, so finding the right room simply was a significant differentiator.

“It’s not just ease of use for existing customers, it’s now attracting new customers. And app users are less likely to jump to a competitor, simply because it’s not as easy as when using a browser, so it’s a very powerful channel.”

ustwo Business Director, Brett MacFarlane

laterooms and ustwo workshop

As quickly as possible, we launched in market with an ‘MVP’ – a minimum viable product. For an established and mature firm launching with the minimum feature set needed to get to market, this approach was an adjustment but gave a high return on investment versus risk. In addition to an immediate commercial return we got real-world learning, which built on top of a robust user testing model to entrench a new decision-making culture.

initial sketch finished product

As the feature set built out we prepared to migrate the product back into the LateRooms delivery team. Working side-by-side, maintaining pace on our delivery roadmap, the ustwo and Laterooms team including developers tackled learning and issues as they emerged. The closeness of collaboration formed a strong and enduring team culture for LateRooms that endures and continues to pay off long since we completed the migration.

In addition to a five star review on launch, up from a previous one star, revenue has leapt from thousands to millions, and conversion is multiples higher than on other platforms.