Client Work

ustwo Android Wear Hub

An evolving creative partnership setting the standard for watch face design

The tech industry continues to unveil new devices, opening up data streams and presenting opportunities to radically rethink digital product design. ustwo has worked with Google to do this by shaping the future of the watch face with Android Wear. Taking cues from the rich history of watch face design, and inspired by modern-day digital visualisations, we’ve worked closely with the Android Wear team to create a suite of innovative and progressive watch faces to challenge the conventional representation of time.

Our work bridges the languages of an analog wristwatch and that of a digital interactive watch face, and strikes the right balance between art and utility – creating time-telling experiences that not only look beautiful but, importantly, get stuff done.

We have a whole site where you can learn more about our work, and use some of the design resources and guidelines we’ve created. You’ll find it here.