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ustwo collaborates with clients, healthcare professionals and academic experts to create lasting, meaningful digital health solutions
ustwo and the future of health

ustwo Health is driven by a varied community of practitioners across our studios. They deploy specialised knowledge to collaborate with clients, healthcare professionals and academic experts to create lasting, meaningful digital health solutions. 

The conceptual boundary between ‘health’ and ‘digital health’ is dissolving, and there are huge opportunities to address challenges in a number of areas, in particular:

  1. Quality and timeliness of interventions (diagnosis and treatment)
  2. Accessibility
  3. Data and measurability
  4. Cost effectiveness


The efficacy of mental health apps is a huge issue for a relatively new sector. We’ve always used technology to help us stay well but, increasingly, the design, tech and healthcare industries need to work together to prove that new products and techniques – driven by developments in mobile – can be effective. We’re very aware of that and actively look to play our part.

Here’s some of the stuff we’ve been working on:

  • Collaboration is the Cure. Why partnerships that blend the expertise of designers and healthcare professionals are the future of healthcare.
  • Moodnotes – Tracking emotions and changing behaviour with CBT-based journalling.
  • PAUSE – Using ancient mindful techniques to create a calming mobile experience.
  • Sway – Interactive meditation to help achieve focus and improve attention.
  • Keepsake – Creating an intuitive note-taking platform for dementia carers.
  • Streams app with DeepMind Health 

Collaboration is the Cure

The best way to put people at the centre of new healthcare solutions is, we believe, through convening true partnerships between digital health innovators and healthcare experts.

Bringing product design skills is not enough – the delivery of person-centred care depends upon our ability to create bridges between institutions, businesses and designers. Read our views on the future of healthcare.

Moodnotes screens and logo


Moodnotes is a journaling app designed and developed by ustwo studio in partnership with Thriveport. Scientifically grounded in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), it makes it simple to manage your emotional wellbeing over time, avoid common thinking traps and develop increased happiness and well-being.

A major part of the design and development process has been all about listening to user feedback – from interviews, emails and via the app itself. Putting the user at the centre of things means prioritising the features that matter. Read more here.



PAUSE combines digital technology with principles of Tai Chi and mindfulness, to create a modern tool for relaxation and meditation. We collaborated with PauseAble – a mental wellness product and solutions company on this joint venture. The app is out now on iOS and on Google Play.

We tested both with consumer brainwave scanners and proper EEG brain scanners during development. The test results were validated by a scientist and showed that PAUSE calms the active mind and lowers mental workload. Since then, the effects of PAUSE has been further validated in university studies where it’s been compared to other popular mindfulness apps, giving the same results or better, specifically in active environments.

Find out more about the story behind PAUSE here.

Sway product in hand


Sway is an interactive meditation app that is designed to help users practise mindfulness in everyday situations. Developed in collaboration with Danish mental wellness company PauseAble – the app is out now for iOS.

Sway tracks movement and provides feedback to help users gain focus and improve attention. Using audio as the primary form of feedback, it can be used in a pocket or handbag. The audio uses a generative soundscape based on ambient and calming sounds, with no particular pattern or rhythm with each use being unique. The visuals in Sway are also generative, providing an evolving visual landscape to help users achieve clarity and focus, and anchor them into the initial stage of mindfulness.

Find out more about Sway and interactive meditation here.

Keepsake UI screens


With prototype note-taking tool Keepsake, we aimed to build and test something robust and insightful that would help carers at a home in London. 

We began collaborating with City University in London in 2015 – they’d been developing a natural language recognition tool to identify trigger phrases that could prompt further action.

Bringing our user-centred design processes to the project meant we were able to marry together City University’s knowledge and technology with the practical, everyday requirements of being a carer. We continue to explore ways to bring this technology to the market.

Read more and watch our film about Keepsake here.

DeepMind Health patient (data simulated)


ustwo has been DeepMind’s design partner on the Streams project, using simulated data (as opposed to real patient data) to scope out, design and implement important features. Doctors and nurses are experts and they need to absorb complex information under stressful conditions. The Streams app provides real-time alerts and information, pushing the right information to the right clinician at the right time, so they can provide the best possible care.

Read the full case study here

Working with ustwo

We’re looking to collaborate with healthcare providers, academics, established companies and new startups to build the future of health. If there’s something you’d like to solve, or to collaborate with us on, get in touch – work@ustwo.com.