A Conversation with Mustafa Suleyman

On September 12th 2023 we welcomed Inflection AI co-founder Mustafa Suleyman to our London studio to speak about the future of Generative AI and his groundbreaking new book, The Coming Wave: Technology, Power, and the 21st Century’s Greatest Dilemma, which explores how AI and other advancing technical fields – most notably, synthetic biology – are rapidly accelerating and converging in a way that will dramatically change the world.

In this conversation with ustwo Executive Technology Director Kevin Rogers, Mustafa discussed how these changes are already underway, developments on the horizon and Inflection AI’s work with ustwo in creating Pi - a personal AI designed to be supportive, smart and there for you anytime.

Four key takeaways:

  1. Successfully implementing guardrails around generative AI is possible, and Pi is an example of that.

  2. Following generative AI, the next wave of AI tech will be interactive - for instance, the ability to take action or plan over multiple time series.

  3. Just as with any new major technology, from nuclear power to aeroplanes, regulations to make generative AI safer are coming. Designing the constraints and regulation with input from academics and researchers alongside governments and the tech industry is key.

  4. Open-source AI tech is beginning to catch up to tech backed by major funding, which is bringing more opportunities for access, human ingenuity and creativity.

Ultimately, The Coming Wave is a call-to-action as we grapple with the possible consequences these exponential changes in AI and other emerging tech bring. Watch the full talk above or on YouTube for more of Mustafa’s perspectives on what’s next in AI.

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