Designing the Future of Mobility: Cities Show Us the Way

The world is urbanising rapidly: Over 50% of us live in towns and cities already. With 64% of journeys taking place in urban areas today and this proportion set to increase, there is enormous pressure to provide a transport infrastructure which keeps business moving and creates places where human beings want to live. Cities are both on the frontline of this mobility challenge, with city leaders everywhere naming it a top priority, and being best placed to tackle it. But how?

In our whitepaper, we explore what we believe are three important enabling factors:

  1. City-created platforms for innovation on which authorities catalyse change, with smaller mobility players providing solutions
  2. The embrace of the smart city, in particular the fostering of digital solutions
  3. The recognition among authorities and other players that inclusion within mobility systems has not only individual and civic benefits, but also aids economic growth and innovation

Many other factors will determine how and when cities, each under different circumstances, deliver a sustainable mobility future. In this paper we also discuss autonomous vehicles, the importance of city types and our mobility initiative Wayfindr, an open standard for inclusive city navigation. Get yourself a copy to find out more.

Download our whitepaper – Designing the Future of Mobility: Cities Show us the Way

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All the major global challenges – climate change, the economy, inequality, the very future of democracy – will be solved in cities.

- Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona