International Women’s Day 2022

Our industry has a diversity problem, and it affects all of us.

We’ve always been vocal about the fact that the majority of people studying design at university are women, but 78% of the UK’s design workforce is male. We see a similar trend across the product industry, so where are all the women?

At ustwo we’ve set ourselves targets to rebalance our community. To help us break the bias, ustwobies were offered Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training from trusted partners.


We believe in transparency and in highlighting our successes as well as our improvement areas. That’s why we also report our gender pay gap in our London Studio annually. In 2021 the pay gap was 0.63% in favour of women, which is something we’re proud of.

In an ongoing effort to support women in Tech, we partnered with PINK programming to host a coding workshop to nurture the next wave of female, transgender and non-binary developers.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, the wonderful Harriet Minter will talk to all ustwobies about the effect of the pandemic and remote work on women’s careers.

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for us to raise the profile of women, and we invite our industry friends to join us. We all have a responsibility to break the bias that prevents women from getting ahead.


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