Kickstart Academy Practical Object Oriented Design

Last week we hosted again the nice Kickstart Academy guys at the London studio, this time for their Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby course. Mr. Alex Fish and I attended and it’s fair to say that we are quite happy that we did!

The content of the course is not particularly ground breaking. SOLID principles and classic OOP have been around for a long time, but when you sit down with Sandi Metz and Matt Wynne and talk code for 3 days you are going to learn. Fact.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have read about the subject, how many times you have put those principles in place, when you get confronted with a seemingly simple exercise and you present a seemingly decent solution Sandi will tear it apart using a killer smile and 30 years coding experience in equal parts. Respect!

Then of course there are the countless ad-hoc conversations over a laptop or pint. Here’s a gem from Matt:

I would not tolerate an else-if

So for us now is time to go back to our code and raise the quality one little refactoring at a time. Look at it with fresh eyes and think: WWSMD.