Our B Corp Impact Report 2020

2020 was our first full year as a B Corp — and what a year. We joined because our values are closely in step with what B Corp represents, and we were keen to hold ourselves accountable on issues that matter. In spite of the challenges 2020 threw at us all, our commitment to our B Corp responsibilities never wavered, both as a company and as individuals.

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Part of the deal is that we publish our progress each year, so we've put together a summary of what we've been working on, what we've achieved and what we're turning our attention to next.

For instance, when it comes to our people, we're pleased to have Abadesi Osunsade on board as our Global Diversity and Inclusion consultant. She's already doing important, valuable work to embed habits and rituals that create a more equitable workplace for us all.

For the planet, we're developing a strong relationship with Ecologi, and we’ve planted 613,000 trees so far, with the aim of getting to a million one day soon.

That’s just one of the many ways we’re giving more than we take from the world. Last year, we donated 17% of our profits to Black Lives Matter charities and Australian bushfire funds — a total of £32,078.

With our clients, we continue to take on work that we believe in, and that we trust will make a positive, meaningful impact on the world. In 2020 this included a project with The LEGO Foundation that helps visually impaired children learn braille to gain independence.

This gives you a taste of what we worked on in 2020, but there's a lot more to read in our full report. For 2021, our targets are lofty and we're up for the challenge of hitting them.

Watch this space!

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