Teaming up with the Co-op

The Co-op is the premier convenience store and an iconic brand in the UK. A true co-operative owned by its members, it’s a business that is able to take a more ethical stance than some. This was one of the many reasons that drew us to working with them. Since last June, we’ve been assisting with a digital transformation project driven by Chief Digital Officer Mike Bracken and Group Design Director Ben Terrett.

We’re proud to be a part of a process resetting the organisation around the core values of the Rochdale Pioneers who started it all, in particular working with Co-op Food to run discovery and service design projects using an alpha-beta-live model. We worked side-by-side with the Co-op in Manchester to form One Team with their Food and Digital Colleagues, bringing the best of our ways of working and tools and processes to co-create a highly effective way of working tailored to Co-op.

We’d rather you hear it from them, though, so head over to the excellent Co-op Digital blog and read Kim Morley, Delivery Manager for Co-op Digital and other team members talk about how we: