ustwo: finalists in Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards 2020

It's a thrill to have been named finalists both in the Design Company of the Year category and in the Apps and Games category for Headed South.

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In the Design Company of the Year category, we're rubbing virtual shoulders with fellow finalists including Adobe, Form Us With Love, Logitech, Nike, Sabai, Walmart, Work & Co and of course the winner Newlab. In Apps and Games, we congratulate the worthy winners behind Supernatural and the other finalists and honourees. So much to admire in them all.

Headed South achieves a practical goal through the joy of gaming. With every new technology, you have to find a way to teach people how to use it, to speed up learning and adoption. Inspired by the way games have been used in the past to help people master new tech, ustwo and Google ATAP created a gaming experience to show players how to control their Pixel 4 smartphone using gestures in the air. It gives people a new, fun way to use a smartphone without getting hung up on the tech itself.

It's a real joy to have our work and our ethos celebrated by Fast Company — an organisation we respect. We're fiercely proud of what we've achieved together at ustwo so far, and we're hopeful for what's still to come.