Visualising the True Nature of Digital Change

What does digital change look like? Futuristic images, detailed roadmaps and stylised schematics are the usual visual tropes – often pixelated, mainly in shades of blue.


It’s about people, not technology

We wanted something distinctive and different when it came to bringing our own digital transformation proposition to life, a proposition that focuses on learning by doing, with people at its heart rather than tech.

The result is Make, Learn, Change, Together – a series of four posters we’ve launched in our London studio windows this week. It’s also the theme for our forthcoming book Make, Learn, Change – a brief guide to agile working and how to do it both at an organisational and at a personal level, written by Collin Lyons, our Delivery and Transformation Director.

Bringing in an outside perspective

ustwo has always been proud to support independent creative talent, so for this project we wanted to work with illustrators and designers who would bring a new perspective to visualising our point of view. Our book and our windows were designed in close collaboration with German illustrator Lisa Tegtmeier and Connie Gaggero, founder of arts and culture design practice Gaggeroworks, who advised on the overall look and feel and book design.

The workflow was a bit different to other collaborations because it was a continuous exchange of ideas

Lisa Tegtmeier

We were drawn to Lisa’s use of charismatic characters, abstract shapes and lively colours. We believe the key to effective digital transformation is not to approach it as an abstract system or process but to make it something iterative. Leaders and teams learn, together, as they go. Ultimately, changing together is about being open, transparent and enjoying the transformation journey. As Lisa’s work is all about optimism, positivity and being human, the fit was ideal.

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Lisa says: “The workflow was a bit different to other collaborations I have worked on because it was a continuous exchange of ideas. Each illustration shows a cycle, there’s no beginning and no ending. It symbolises that digital transformation can’t be rushed and that it’s a lasting development.”

And the result…

See for yourself! It’s a joyous visualisation of what we do – a striking concept that both stands out and holds together across each of the four panels.


We’re looking forward to our new vibrant windows brightening Shoreditch High Street for the next few months, just as our windows for Monument Valley 2 and Alder Play have done previously.

By the way, if you’re curious about our forthcoming little book – drop us an email to request a copy