Allergy Lab Copenhagen

Making life with allergies simpler, easier, and more bearable

The Problem

Millions of people suffer from allergies, a leading cause of chronic illness. Allergies can mean restless nights, itchy eyes, a scratchy nose, and constant sneezing. And yet most allergy patients lack the insights, tools, and personalised data to mitigate their condition.

What We Did

Working with the Allergy Lab Copenhagen (ALK), a global leader in allergy prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, we created an allergy companion app called KLARA!

Screenshot of the app

Our creation, offered by ALK’s consumer division, leverages extensive clinical research and knowledge to make living with allergies easier and better. The personalised patient information in the app includes a current pollen count for specific allergies, location-based air quality forecast, and an individual allergy log.

What We Learned

Our collaboration with ALK and allergy patients taught us how seemingly small solutions can make a dramatic difference in people’s lives. As usage and adoption grows,the app is learning from user inputs and behaviour to make the recommendations even smarter and more targeted to each patient.

Meaningful Impact

Klara is available to millions of patients in Germany and UK in the App Store and Google Play.