Being a B Corp makes ustwo’s work better

We are proud to be one of the 4,000 businesses worldwide certified as a B Corp, an official designation by NGO B Lab that measures social, environmental and governance practices for businesses. It’s not a static badge of pride, however – it’s an ongoing commitment to operate with integrity and transparency that is evaluated every three years. Our work in creating impactful digital products and experiences with partners who share our purpose-driven approach has been a component in our B Corp status since we were certified in 2019, and was an important contributor to our recertification in 2023.

The company we keep

We are committed to working with organisations that share our vision of leaving the world better than we found it – like-minded partners who strive to make a positive impact on society, the environment and communities in need.

One-third of our 2021 revenue came from purpose-driven organisations, and we received a Support Purpose-Driven Enterprises Impact Business Model (IBM) for work for Body Coach, Eli Lilly and others.

Our B Corp status has also solidified our dedication to purpose-driven projects, and we were awarded a Serving Underserved Populations IBM related to work for Logitech and Vibrant Emotional Health. Both of these IBMs helped contribute to the rise in our score in our recertification in 2023.

Changing industries, one project at a time

One of the most exciting aspects of our journey as a B Corp has been the opportunity to make a significant difference in industries that impact people’s well-being and society through our passion for innovation and bringing joy to user experiences.

Our digital product design portfolio has been instrumental in transforming the way healthcare is delivered and experienced. From patient-centric applications that streamline medical services to cutting-edge telehealth platforms, we have embraced the responsibility of building products that create empathic experiences for people during their most vulnerable moments and for the professionals who treat them to do their jobs more effectively.

Fertility treatment is among the most vulnerable, emotional and daunting medical journeys. We partnered with Helios Health to create Pineapp Fertility, a digital fertility service that complements in-person care and helps patients feel more supported and informed, with features including treatment plans, a calendar, forward planning and ways to contact the clinic where they are receiving treatment.

We also created the beta brand for Helios health, which is grounded by a human tone and a soft, comforting colour palette. It exemplifies how we approach design from an emotional point of view and incorporate our empathetic research into our work.


Digital products designed with empathy can truly impact people’s lives and safety, like The Safe Space, a digital experience we created pro bono for Vibrant Emotional Health, which manages the National Suicide Prevention Hotline in the US. When someone seeking help for themselves or others in a mental health crisis needs to wait to chat with a counselor, they’re directed to The Safe Space, a reassuring virtual place with resources, coping tools and distraction techniques. The soothing colours and passive interactivity of its interface make it easier to wait for help, and emergency information is present every place a user navigates.

Our work helps clients both do good and do well. For instance, Pineapp Fertility frees up time for physicians to spend with their patients and is an acquisition tool for clinics.

What does success look like? Leaving the world a little better than we found it

Since becoming a certified B Corp, our commitment to tracking the impact and longevity of our work has become a priority that allows us to learn from where we’ve been and seek out new opportunities to solve problems and create meaningful product experiences.

As part of this process, we’ve begun rolling out new guidelines for how we track and measure the impact of our projects from the very beginning. These new guidelines aim to better frame our clients' OKRs in areas such as financial, product and user impact, incorporating their success metrics from the project kickoff across all ustwo teams that will be involved. Along with this clearer, more specific way to define what a successful outcome would be, we’ve fine-tuned the way we measure impact after a project wraps, including internal processes and client outreach.

Our B Corp certification is a framework that keeps us honest and on track with our mission to create meaningful digital experiences for what’s next. Looking ahead, we’re eager to create more partnerships with organisations that share our passion for making the world a better place. By embracing socially responsible practices, sustainability and inclusivity, we’re contributing to a new era of purpose-driven businesses that uplift and enrich the lives of all stakeholders.