Is audio the future?
Why this accessible format shouldn’t be ignored

Disclaimer: Please note, the views expressed in the video below are based on personal perspectives from work in audio, media and content.

On September 21st 2023 we embarked on an evening of conversation to find out. The following industry experts joined us, lending their experience, thoughts and opinions on the rise of audio and its untapped potential:

  • Tony Moorey, Content Director for Digital Platforms at Bauer Media Audio
  • Holly Cook, Head of Product at The Economist
  • Chris Sweeney, host of Homo Sapiens podcast
  • Graham Hodge, Co-Founder and Director at Cup and Nuzzle

Watch the full discussion below.

We found out why audio is the perfect medium to deepen engagement with audiences across media and content channels. Along with insights into how experiments with AI are yielding hyper personalised, on demand content.

Three key takeaways from the conversation:

  • Audio is a hugely relevant format that more and more companies are starting to leverage in innovative ways.

  • Podcasts are still a growing channel for content creation, marketers and companies trying to reach new audiences. They deliver high engagement and a way to amplify the voices of your storytellers.

  • Developments in AI are uncovering new and exciting ways to use generative audio - for example, imagine being alerted (unprompted) with personalised journey information, through your headphones, while you commute.

Audio as a format is hugely accessible. It can be consumed while multitasking or in situations where reading or watching isn’t possible. The production of audio content also has a relatively low barrier to entry, as evidenced by the continued growth of podcasting. It’s clear that audio won’t replace text or video content. However, it is complementary to other types of media and shouldn’t be ignored.

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