Why we are excited (and concerned) about AI

There are many reasons to be concerned about AI. A recent survey suggests that the number of people that are scared about AI significantly outweighs those who are excited about it – and that this discrepancy has increased. Large language models have been trained on the internet, and they mirror all of the things that are wrong with it, and by extension us. Generative AI is still inaccurate, biassed and misleading. There are questions to be asked about security, privacy and ethics, not to mention more existential risks for humanity.

There are also many reasons to be excited about AI. Like the wheel and the fire, like penicillin and contraceptives, AI presents a technical breakthrough that redefines human ability. It may give us the computing power required to cure cancer and accelerate positive climate change. It could even fix many of the things that are wrong with the internet, and with us.

When it comes to AI, we need to be able to hold these two competing ideas – the potential and peril of the technology – in our mind at the same time. Deep Mind and Inflection AI founder Mustafa Suleyman is a great example of someone embracing the contradictions of AI. You can watch our fascinating conversation with him here.

Ustwo has been working with the leading AI companies for years, from Deep Mind to Google and Inflection AI. As a digital product studio, we bring a human-first approach to our AI efforts: How can AI enhance, complement and accelerate human ability? AI can help us to get things done better and faster, fuel our imagination and creative output, overcome bias and connect with one another in better ways. Just like any other technology, AI can be used for good or for ill. As a digital product studio, we seek to get tangible fast, building and refining as we go. We envision and realise the human and business value of AI for our clients.

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