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CES: What’s missing from driverless car concepts?

By ustwo Auto - 22 January 2018

Looking beyond the woah factor of many of this years CES autonomous vehicle concepts, we ask: what will we really do in self-driving cars?


ustwoTHINKS: Designing for Kids

By ustwo Nordics - 15 December 2017

The children of today are the first true digital natives of our society, and digital experiences are already having a major impact on all aspects of their lives. Having worked on multiple projects for kids like Alder Hey, Sky Kids and our internal BlipShop, we wanted to gather some clever minds on the topic and […]


ustwo Studios welcomes new Global CEO Carsten Wierwille

By ustwo - 14 December 2017

Exciting news! Carsten Wierwille will be joining as new Global CEO of ustwo Studios in 2018.

using a smartphone as a raft to cross the finish line

Leading Change: How We Succeed 

By Lars Rosengren - 30 November 2017

Seven key principles that can help shape a successful digital strategy in the face of constant change.

Puzzling over a fallen domino (which is also a smartphone)

Leading Change: Why We Fail

By Lars Rosengren - 29 November 2017

Five of the most common blockers to successful digital strategy.


9 Things We Learned At Web Summit

By Lexi Cherniavsky - 13 November 2017

Didn’t make it to Web Summit 2017? Here’s what ustwo got up to on stage – and what we learned off it.

Developer working on a project


By Sonam Dhingra - 6 November 2017

VIPER is complex, scary, and well – different. There’s a hint of venom beneath the surface of VIPER and it can hurt. Yet, over time the pain subsides, and it becomes one of the cures to structuring your code. Bye bye venom. Hello happiness.Here’s what iOS developers can relate to:The VIPER design pattern is a […]


Hailing A Driverless Taxi

By ustwo Auto - 26 October 2017

In a driverless future, how will we hail a taxi? We argue that you need to look beyond app-based solutions to make these interactions as inclusive as possible.

Trying out VR gear

How to Run a Digital Innovation Lab

By ustwo Nordics - 23 October 2017

This post is designed to go hand in hand with our “How to Run a Digital Innovation Lab” guide as an example of what we did in our PlayLab this spring. You can download and use the guide by clicking here.Earlier this year, a few of us here in the Nordic studio had some time between […]


Emotional Design – Bert, The Teddy Game Pad

By ustwo Nordics - 13 October 2017

Video games have the power to immerse players and tell stories in a way that no other medium could do before. Unfortunately, established game controllers can sometimes present a hurdle for inexperienced players and can lead to frustrating rather than fulfilling experiences. Important factors for engaging gameplay is the emotional connection that a player feels […]


Introducing the ustwo Roo

By ustwo Auto - 5 October 2017

What should a driverless car look like? This is ustwo’s take.

Connecting IKEA Växer

Cultivating the Internet of Things

By ustwo Nordics - 22 September 2017

You may have heard the term ‘the internet of things’ (IoT) before, and been puzzled about what it means. The irony is that most of us, whether we’re aware of it or not, already interact with IoT constantly. Simply put, IoT refers to everyday objects that are connected to the internet in order to extend […]