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An Introduction To Shaders, The GPU, And OpenGL

By Vasiliy Kulakov - 23 March 2017

ustwo’s design and development work with Android Wear watch faces consistently demands a high level of performance, which over the past few months has caused us to employ OpenGL directly to manage rendering and giving us finer control over rendering, memory and battery performance.Instead of attempting to write out a whole tutorial around the challenges […]

Ipad with Orsilus logo

Orsilus: From Side Project to Soft Launch

By Jamaine Obeng - 22 March 2017

As a developer, I love to spend time outside of work testing out new hare-brained app ideas and low-level algorithms. It gives me a chance to use skills and follow passions that sit outside of regular work.However, working in the digital industry, there can be friction between what you do at work and what you […]

Woman sketching out ideas at early stages of design process

Teaming up with the Co-op

By ustwo London - 21 March 2017

The Co-op is well-known in the UK as a local convenience retailer: a ‘supermarket with an ethical focus’. Less well-known – these days at least – is just how different the Co-op actually is, right down to its very foundations. A true co-operative, it’s is owned by its members and as such it’s a business […]

Recycling designers computer

ustwoTALKIES Designing for Sustainability

By Emily Whalley - 13 March 2017

For the first in a series of design-focused ustwoTALKIES, we gathered in the London studio to explore the messy intersection between our digital world and the environment – and what this means for designers. You can listen to whole evening in our podcast here or keep reading for the digested version.We convened some digital design trailblazers […]

a team in action in the ustwo studio

Why should designers care about Behaviour Driven Development?

By Narges Jalali - 7 March 2017

Three years ago – a year into my own personal learning journey with ustwo – I was chatting with one of our developers about how we could improve communication between developers and designers. It was during this conversation that I was first introduced to Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).There are countless books, resources and websites out […]

flipside –  logos and graphics to illustrate the launch partners

Flipside – New Pathways into Digital Careers

By ustwo London - 27 February 2017

ustwo London has teamed up with other agencies, the London Legacy Development Corporation, A New Direction and digital training providers to make training schemes work for the industry and for young, talented local people from diverse backgrounds.Watch our film below to hear from digital professionals, agencies and education providers about what we’re doing. Most importantly, […]


5 Lessons Traditional Banks Can Learn from Startups

By Liana Chang - 20 February 2017

As the UK and much of the developed world races ever closer to a cashless future, traditional banks are fast disappearing from the high street. Indeed with six out of 10 young adults preferring not to use cash at all, it’s only a matter of time before the ATM is relegated to the nostalgia-tinted tourist […]

ustwo Android logo with picture of team behind them

Android Testing, Continuous Integration and Firebase

By Nelson Sachse - 20 February 2017

Mobile developers, more than ever, need to create applications ready for a savvy marketplace – users expect responsiveness, good content and a coherent experience throughout the app.To achieve that we want to be sure our app is ready for change. That’s why it’s important to set up a well thought-out architecture for our project so […]

Coding Mockingbird in Swift

Exploring Server-side Swift

By Aaron McTavish - 17 February 2017

When Apple open-sourced Swift, many people were quite excited to use this interesting new language on other platforms. Early on, Swift was ported to Linux and people began to look into building servers using Swift. More recently, IBM’s existing partnership with Apple deepened as they took a prominent role in the new Server APIs Project. […]

illustration of pollution in London

Designing in a Polluted City

By Jason DaPonte - 16 February 2017

London is polluted. Very, very polluted. I should know better than most – the road I live on exceeded its air pollution targets for ALL of 2017 by 5 January, leaving my neighbourhood with another 360 days of the year to enjoy 73 times the pollution we ought to have in a year.  And it’s […]

learning to trust machines

How Will We Learn to Trust Learning Machines?

By James Higgs - 15 February 2017

The other evening, as my flight was descending into London in very heavy rain, it occurred to me that my life was entirely in the hands of machines. Despite the technologies involved being among the most tested and reliable in the world, it is hard in such situations to remain rationally confident of one’s safety. […]

Panel and audience

ustwoTALKIES: What I Wish I’d Known II

By Emily Whalley - 13 February 2017

Startup Edition Digest our panel’s candid advice in whichever medium suits you best. Enjoy podcast, write-up and vid below…The podcast:The write-up:Our first What I Wish I’d Known event left all of us at ustwo with a serious case of the warm and fuzzies, as well as a ton of practical career advice – so we […]