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Will Autonomy Reignite Our Village High Street?

By Tom Harle - 15 March 2018

Autonomy could bring those things that matter to us closer.


Rethinking Loyalty & Rewards

By ustwo - 12 March 2018

Loyalty and rewards programs have exploded over the years as brands use them as a hook to drive higher spend and retain customers in a competitive market.Customer fatigue is now common with households having on average 29 loyalty program memberships across multiple sectors. It’s more important now than ever that brands find a way to […]


5 Ways To Increase User Understanding

By Jason DaPonte - 9 March 2018

Digital technology is revolutionising the ways we learn and teach – and we’re not just seeing the impact of this in our classrooms.


Designing for Industrial VR

By Tobias Arréhn - 1 March 2018

Last year, we paired up with Alfa Laval, a 100-year old leading Swedish industrial company that was interested in showcasing its newly built facility in Aalborg, Denmark in an innovative way. Within a month, we developed a VR experience that allowed them to do just that. We strongly believe that this technology has the potential to […]

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Reinventing Client Services

By Maggie Fitzsimmons - 28 February 2018

How is client services reinventing itself to remain relevant to today’s clients and agencies? Let me count the ways…

Testing VR

VR beyond entertainment

By Tobias Arréhn - 26 February 2018

In the nineties, you could go to arcades and movie theaters to experience the future of gaming: Virtual Reality (VR). You would step up onto this enclosed circular platform, put a huge awkward contraption on your head, and blast away pixelated foes with your ultra-futuristic joystick. VR has had its ups and downs since then (a […]


Data-Driven React

By ustwo Nordics - 13 February 2018

Last year, we partnered with Samsung to create a Built-In Appliance Visualiser for the European market. In the course of developing a single-page web application in React, our team faced a number of challenges in terms of how React components are built, composed and populated with data. This article describes these problems and our approach […]

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Tackling career mobility in the creative industries

By ustwo - 6 February 2018

Agencies are suffering from this lack of diversity within their workforce and acknowledge the value that fresh perspective brings. The gap is real and it’s in our interest to help close it. 

Illustration of Voice activated technology- Google Home, drones, telephones

Welcome to the Age of Ask: Understanding Voice Interaction

By ustwo Sydney - 24 January 2018

We have entered into a new era of Voice Interaction, engaging with voice-driven digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa to do everything from receive weather updates, order groceries and buy movie tickets.At our recent ustwoTHINKS Sydney event, we were joined by ustwo Product Designers Scott Burns and Emily Loeb, and our special guest […]


CES: What’s missing from driverless car concepts?

By ustwo Auto - 22 January 2018

Looking beyond the woah factor of many of this years CES autonomous vehicle concepts, we ask: what will we really do in self-driving cars?


ustwoTHINKS: Designing for Kids

By ustwo Nordics - 15 December 2017

The children of today are the first true digital natives of our society, and digital experiences are already having a major impact on all aspects of their lives. Having worked on multiple projects for kids like Alder Hey, Sky Kids and our internal BlipShop, we wanted to gather some clever minds on the topic and […]


ustwo Studios welcomes new Global CEO Carsten Wierwille

By ustwo - 14 December 2017

Exciting news! Carsten Wierwille will be joining as new Global CEO of ustwo Studios in 2018.