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Cartoon head open at the top to show distractions overwhelming the character

Navigating Peak Nag – Observations from the Frontline of UCD

By Alex Crowfoot - 18 January 2017

Apart from the ‘d’ word (dis**pt), is there a more over-used term at the moment than ‘engagement’? Except maybe ‘pop-up’. Or ‘game changer’. Or perhaps ‘start-up’… Never mind, you get the picture.The word ‘engagement’ is such hot property it probably has paparazzi at the window when it opens the curtains every morning. And alongside ‘engagement’ […]


Out of the Shadows – My Life With Depression

By James Higgs - 16 January 2017

Last month I gave a highly personal talk at work, sharing my experience of living with depression for over thirty years. That’s all of my adult life (and of course all of my professional life) and a good portion of my teenage years too.Having thought about it, I’ve decided that I want to share the […]


The VR Landscape: A Medium In Review

By Anders Oscarsson - 11 January 2017

2016 was a big year for virtual reality — from being stuck in beta mode and kept in research, the technology finally emerged and became available to the masses. Presenting a completely new paradigm of interaction, virtual reality began to move us from touch based interactions to interacting with all senses.So, what does this mean […]


How to Break Up with your Team

By Cara Bermingham - 6 January 2017

Let’s talk about break-ups. I’ve been through one recently. I knew it was coming for a while and, in a way, it was the best thing for us. But that didn’t make it any less difficult. There had been lots of ups and downs – we’d been together for a year – and I felt like I […]

testing wayfindr at an underground station

Updating the Wayfindr Open Standard

By ustwo London - 19 December 2016

This was originally published over at, a joint venture between RLSB and ustwo. In May 2016, we launched the first Working Draft of the Wayfindr Open Standard. This was the result of work carried out through live trials in London and Sydney. It also included input and feedback from industry experts and Wayfindr Community […]


ustwoTALKIES: What I Wish I’d Known

By Emily Whalley - 8 December 2016

On the evening of Thursday 1st December, we migrated a whole 416.7 ft from our own front door over to Protein Studios to host our latest ustwoTALKIES, ‘What I Wish I’d Known’. This was a supercharged panel event with inspiring speakers dishing out career advice, exclusive event swag, a LinkedIn headshot service and plenty of […]

diversity at ustwo

Our Diversity Data

By Whitney Berry - 7 December 2016

We’re taking steps to build a more diverse company, and one of these steps is being open and transparent about the people who, together, make up ustwo.In this spirit, we are sharing our Diversity Dashboard, built using an open source tool created by Buffer. If you’ve got questions – let us know at!It’s important to note […]

ustwo and the future of health

Collaboration is the Cure – partnerships and the future of healthcare

By ustwo London - 1 December 2016

It is projected that within the EU, the percentage of the population over 65 will increase by 80.5% between 2008-2060.1 Rapid transformations like these within our socio-economic landscape are having profound ramifications for health care systems. There is a growing concern, even in more affluent countries, over how our existing health frameworks will handle an ageing population […]


ustwo: What I Wish I’d Known

By Emily Whalley - 25 November 2016

This post is a companion to our first ‘What I Wish I’d Known’ panel – you can read a full write-up and watch a video of the event here. As someone just starting out in the working world, there is one narrative of success that I find particularly grating. I have been told – by people many […]

An illustration showing a robot listening to music and passing out emotion

How Not to Approach Machine Learning

By Daniel Mallcott - 24 November 2016

Seeing that machine learning (ML) is all the rage right now, I decided to jump on the hype train and see where it took me. I soon discovered that it wasn’t like learning a new JS framework or the next magical CI solution. Instead, it was an entirely new world of headaches and possibilities that […]

A photograph showing road grid lock involving various different vehicles and types of transport

The Big Surface Debate

By Dem Gerolemou - 22 November 2016

There is a growing chorus – from industry leaders, academics and tuned-in consumers – calling for revolutionary change across our mobility networks. Technological developments, the inadequacies of our existing infrastructures and the architectural and demographic transformation of our cities are hastening these changes, making them both more feasible and more necessary. Here at ustwo, we are […]


ustwoTHINKS – Mobility Chapter II: New York City

By ustwo Auto - 21 November 2016

London, two weeks ago… ustwo Auto and Mobility sat amongst a panel of industry experts discussing the topic ‘Mobility: Are we on the right track?’ which, as you can imagine, is of particular interest to us. We discussed everything from human behaviour to driverless vehicles – the panellists collectively bringing public, private, automotive, transport and city infrastructure […]