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We have tackled a breadth of health areas from mental wellbeing to kidney disease


Helios Health: Digital Fertility Service

We partnered with Helios Health to create a companion to in-person fertility treatment.

The goal of this service is to help intended parents better understand the journey of fertility treatment and ease anxiety that is commonly a part of the process.

The conceptual boundary between 'health' and 'digital health' is dissolving

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Guide Strategy by Making and Validating

Consumer-focused health care is still nascent and the benefits of new technologies, care approaches, and business models are not yet proven.

Our approach can de-risk your product and business strategy by rapidly finding product-market fit as well as valid use cases.

People First

We seamlessly fuse with our clients across disciplines, roles, and backgrounds.

We pay particular attention to people and team dynamics as the oft overlooked dimension in Agile and software development. Empowered people and well-functioning teams are the foundation for great product development.

Small team, including client, discussing and working together.

Peloton - Lanebreak

We combined game design principles with product design to build Peloton Lanebreak, a music and gaming inspired workout that helps Peloton Bike Members enjoy a playful experience while meeting their fitness goals.

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The Body Coach

A new 'Consumerisation of Health' empowers people to have a better understanding of and engagement with their health, ushered in by technologies already common in consumers’ lives (the smartphone, wearables, etc.).

We transformed a much loved fitness plan into an award winning Digital Product.

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