Radically Digital

Creating user engagement and empowerment in a digital, contactless world

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world radically more digital.

With the shock behind us but some level of restriction remaining, organisations that are still in triage mode must make a critical shift to fresh thinking, and from adapting for online to creating for online.

This will lead us to simplify the services that have successfully plugged a gap, but that aren’t as seamless, efficient or useful as they should be.

Now, focus is on products and services that will stand the test of time. When all this is merely a memory, it’s highly likely our lives will remain radically digital.

So, how do you create radically digital services for people in a radically digital world?

This is a technology transformation but it’s so much more than that - enabling radically digital solutions involves comprehensive changes in our behaviour and culture.
Carsten Wierwille
ustwo’s CEO

To create radically digital solutions, we need to understand the people we hope will use them.

Touch-free needn’t mean soulless

The pandemic has challenged our cultural inhibitions and rapidly driven behavioural change that would otherwise have taken years, bringing us prematurely to a phase where few – if any – aspects of our lives will remain untouched by digital.

When designing radically digital solutions, we should always keep in mind: how do we create engagement, connection and intimacy in a radically digital world?

New context: challenge and opportunity

While at ustwo we are adept at – and equipped for – working in distributed teams, we have had to adapt the way we go about designing new products and services. Thinking through how to operate effectively in this new context is important.

We’ve been building digital-first for years – it’s part of our DNA – and we have a great deal of experience and success working in distributed teams.

How we can help

Many companies are facing immediate challenges that we can help with. For instance, we can:

  • Create engagement and nurture relationships in a contactless world.
  • Innovate how you acquire customers even when managing social distancing.
  • Facilitate community-based commerce.
  • Design and deliver telehealth solutions fit for the future.
  • Motivate people and inspire behavioural change with remote tools.
  • Test the market for a new, digital-native product or service.

We approach each challenge with fresh eyes, but informed by many years’ experience. In response to your specific set of circumstances and priorities, we could:

  • Run a workshop with your senior leaders to help you pivot to a customer-centric way of working.
  • Partner with you to accelerate your digital capabilities outside your core business, creating tangible assets to support future growth.
  • Run a workshop to uncover quick wins and opportunity areas.
  • Help you build your internal capabilities.
  • Help shape a business case, and how to incorporate it successfully to help future-proof that growth.
ustwo’s team helped us to sense-check our ideas by thinking three steps ahead and analysing the impact on the people who use the platform, both now and in the future. Their vision and understanding of the entire customer journey and functionality were critical in turning this around so fast.
Adam Warburton
Head of Digital Product at Co-op

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